Have ever wondered why some nights when you go to sleep that you have nightmares and other nights...nothing. I always thought it might be because of what I was on my mind when I went to bed.

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However it may be what I ate before I went to bed and I'm not talking about spicy foods or sweets...although that would explain a lot. It might be the cheese or dairy that I consumed before calling it an evening.

Make $1,000 To Eat Cheese And Go To Bed

There is a company that is willing to pay you eat cheese snacks before going to bed. Wow, I do that now (along with sweets) for free. Sleep Junkie is offering $1,000 to five "dairy dreamers" to see if it's true that eating cheese (or other dairy products) before going to bed leads to nightmares.

If you are chosen, you'll be asked to track your sleep and write an evaluation of your sleep quality and energy level throughout the day. You'll report on dreams and/or nightmares after eating different cheese produce before going to bed.

Eating Cheese And Sleeping Nightmares Study

You must be at least 21 years old, have a smartwatch or fitness tracker that keeps track of your sleep. You need a consistent sleep schedule (I'm out) and be able to sleep alone (I'm back in) during the trails.

You also can't have current sleep issues or have any dairy or lactose intolerances. The study will last for three month and you have until February 10th to get your application in.

I'm a cheesy guy and I love to sleep so this would be the perfect opportunity for me. How about you? If you have what it takes then cheese the day and don't delay. Get your application in now and I Swiss you the best.

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