My husband's family lives three hours to the south of us, and my family lives two hours to the north. We're smack in the middle and we're the ones who always end up doing the traveling and you know what that means. It means that the holidays can be tough because our families live too far from each other and there's no way for us to split the day between families. We have to pick one side of the family to spend each individual holiday with.

As if it's not tough enough having to make the tough decision which family to spend which holiday with, we're constantly filled with guilt because whichever family we don't visit generally feels left out and isn't shy about telling us so. But, I have to tell you what my family started to do and how much easier it makes life for me and my husband. Instead of my parents asking me and my siblings and our families all of us to go to their house, they've been inviting us the weekend before so that we can spend our actual holiday however we'd like.

This year, we've decided to spend the Easter holiday at home. Alone. It's only March and we've already traveled so much this year that we need some time for just us. However, last year we visited my family in Albany and for the first time in my life, I attempted to make something that I found on Pinterest and I didn't have an epic fail and that makes me want to tell you all about it because if I can pull this off, so can you!

I can't take any credit for coming up with this idea though because I didn't. The idea to make adorable Peeks and fruit kabobs came from The Frugal Girls and if simple is the name of your game, it doesn't get easier than this (don't worry- it'll be our secret).

To make Peeps and fruit kabobs, you'll need skewers, various colored Peeps bunnies, and fresh fruit, chopped into chunks. Assembly is ridiculously easy. Poke the fruit and Peeps bunnies onto your skewer however you want (I put a grape on the top and bottom to make sure my bunnies stayed on the stick) and eat!

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