If you missed it, George Clooney showed up for an E.R. reunion skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. But he ended up being the only cast member to show up.

Clooney runs through various actors who were on E.R. with him, asking Kimmel where they are. My favorite was definitely when he asked about Noah Wyle, to which Kimmel replied, "He wanted to be here, but he's got, uh, I guess he's got a thing with his family- taco Tuesday."

Fortunately for Clooney, Kimmel was able to get House star Hugh Laurie to come in on short notice. Crisis averted!

Kimmel plays the patient in the skit who flat-lines and needs CPR stat. So, Clooney made an attempt to revive Kimmel, but that attempt didn't work. So, Laurie reminded him, "Come on Doctor Ross, you remember what they taught us at TV medical school. Give him the ‘Rapper’s Delight.’”

Clooney restored Kimmel’s heartbeat by rapping along to the 1979 mega hit, "Rappers Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang.

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