Drones are finding their useful ways into society and not just as little flying spy cameras, they could be bringing you a pizza and the latest item you ordered on line.

The plans to utilize drones are growing each day, according to Fortune Tech, Walmart is planning on using drones to bring items from one area of the store to another, for example if you wanted a specific item you can have customer service drone it right over to which ever part of the store you’re in.

Sound crazy? Google has a research department specifically for drones and their use in the future, they plan on having drones that will delivery packages sometime in 2017.

Most of the drones in operation are purchased to enjoy as a hobby, but many businesses are looking at UAV's for use in aerial surveillance, and deliveries to homes and businesses.

One of the big concerns is the potential risk of operating these devices in the same airspace as manned crafts, and aa the popularity of these UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) increases, so does the threat of a collision with another flying device.

I am wondering how many drone casualties will take place and how many will inflict property damage or worse.

Drones are machines and as we all know machines break down, so this grassroots stage of drone hood could be very interesting.

My son bought a drone for my grandson for Christmas, they live out west and I imagine there are plenty of open fields to operate in a safe area, but can you imagine seeing one cruising past you on the Vestal Parkway.

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