If you ask most red blooded American men, they like to drink beer.  It may be daily, weekly or on occasion but they still enjoy it.

Now, drinking beer has been proven to be good for you.

According to an article in The Telegraph, a recent scientific study has found that drinking beer promotes good health, improves sleep and helps fight obesity can also help you get a better nights sleep.

The study doesn't mention if it's domestic or import beer but does say that it needs to be consumed safely and in moderation.

Be smart, be safe and live better.

I will take an Ice Cold Miller Lite anytime but as long as it's cold, I'll drink any beer.  At least I'll try it once.

The study mentions nothing about "shortening ones life" by drinking daily but does say that if consumed without moderation can result in issue in the future.

Live longer, Drink Beer.

Bottoms Up.



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