A new survey asked a ton of people how many of these classic "mom things" their mothers did when they were growing up, or still do now.


Here's the list:
1. Leaves you in the grocery store line while she goes to grab one more thing - 90% of people's moms have done that.

2. Texts with just one finger - 83%.

3. Won't get you a snack when you're out because you "have food in the house" - 82%.

4. Gets into never-ending conversations with people she runs into at the store - 73%.

5. Still holds grudges against kids who wronged you years or decades ago - 69%.

6. Tells you that you look beautiful or handsome even when you look terrible - 68%.

7. Holds her arm out in front of you when she slams on the brakes - 58%.

8. Calls celebrities by the wrong name - 55%.

9. Literally always has tissues on her in case you need one - 51%.

10. Hands you mail that was addressed to you that she'd already opened - 49%.


(Via: Buzzfeed)

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