They are doing it again. Disneyland Resorts is raising prices before their summer opening of “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They raised their prices last year by almost 20% but that hasn't slowed business down at all.

In fact, over the Christmas holiday, they had to stop letting people in for a short time. The prices have gone up as much as 25% and the cheapest ticket is more then $100 now

A one-day, one-park ticket is now $104 for low demand days. If you're looking to go on a weekday in May, then this is the price for you. The least expensive one-day ticket to Disney World in Florida is $109.

Here's what I think of that:

If they think I'm paying that much money...they are living in Fantasy land.

One of the reasons for the hike is the rising cost of raising Dalmatians. Just cut back like most of us do. Choose Kibbles or Bits.

When Mickey Mouse was asked, he replied, "That's Goofy."

That means that this summer, a family of four will be...staying home, making popcorn and watching all of the "Toy Story" movies.

I blame Disney for making me believe that everything will have a happy ending. It may be a small world after all but you're gonna pay more.

[via USA Today]

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