Store chains are closing and many in financial disarray, so are we seeing the end of the traditional department store?

A story in the New York Post said the latest chain in trouble is Payless Shoes who have announced they are filing Bankruptcy, poor holiday sales have hurt many chain stores including JC Penney, Sears and even teen apparel chains like Wet Seal.

I can speak for myself when I honestly say I do a great deal of shopping on line, however I do go to different department stores and try to support the local businesses when I can.

I remember a time when downtown Binghamton was lined with several department stores from McClain’s to Montgomery Wards.

Some companies like Amazon are experimenting with drones to deliver packages right to the residents of home shoppers, and companies are finding ways to delivery items much quicker than the standard UPS snail mail.

How many times have you gone to a department store chain and look at an item and then immediately ordered it cheaper on line?

My wife ordered clothes for me that were less expensive than the companies retail location here in greater Binghamton, many chains offer discounts if you order on line.

I believe the future is on line shopping, and the big question is how will we physically see, touch and operate an item before we purchase it?

I have a vision of sitting in a retirement home talking to my grandchildren about the days of Department Stores.

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