Devin Dawson's "All on Me" lyrics make up just about the best love song you'll find.

Dawson wrote his first-ever radio hit with bandmate Austin Smith and Jacob Durrett. As the newcomer tells Taste of Country, he actually loves writing love songs.

"There's a lot of love songs on this record," Dawson says, speaking of his debut album, Dark Horse, released earlier this month. "I love writing about love. But, for a lot of these songs that I wrote, I wasn't in love at the time. And, so, it was me playing a part or drawing on inspiration that I had in the past from when I was."

"It's crazy how sometimes when you put something into the universe, it comes back," he adds of putting the "All on Me" lyrics in song. "I've been lucky to find love, and it's cool to hear these songs in a different light having somebody else to share it with instead of putting myself in somebody else's shoes."

Dawson is truly devoted in "All on Me" — he'll do anything to take some of the heavy load from his lover. "When you're sad, I'll be here for you. When you're mad, you can take it out on me. If you're in trouble, put the fall on me," he explains.

"I keep titles on my phone for inspiration and I did a Russian roulette and stopped on 'All on Me.' It felt really good and we just dug into what 'all' was," he recalls of when he wrote the song in Smith's basement studio. It was November of 2015 — two years before he put it out into the world.

"When you talk about a first single, your first offering, into the world, you want to write a song that hopefully has a little bit of everything," he says. "I really think that that song has a good groove and a catchy melody and a good, heartfelt well-crafted lyric. I can get behind everything that it says and sounds like. I want it to be a classic. I want it to feel the same in 50 years as it does today and never get old."

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