My parents fortunately live within driving distance of Binghamton. A nice scenic three hour trek directly south into the outskirts of Philadelphia. I throw the Hawk on and just drive until I have to grab a Red Bull.

The app WAZE took a whole bunch of data and has determined which days are the worst for driving to see loved ones. I love the WAZE app and every should download it on a side note.

There’s no surprise that December 23rd and 24th come in at the top of the list. EVERYONE is rushing home to beat traffic and grab those last minute gifts. WAZE suggests getting on the road before 11am on the 23rd and avoid driving between 3pm-6pm unless you want to hit a ton of traffic.

They also say driving on the 24th is pretty much a lost cause. There will be steady traffic all day long as the relatives start visiting.

New Year’s Eve also tops the list of terrible days to drive. People are trying to hit the malls to make returns and catch up with relatives they forgot to visit. It also happens to be one of the wildest nights of the year in terms of driving. It’s a big party night and I suggest using Uber or Lyft.

The easiest way to travel and avoid the mess of traffic is to sit on your couch and enjoy some Chinese takeout. I can guarantee your holidays will be less stressful that way.

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