As Andrew Cuomo re-entered civilian life Tuesday, he also lost the honorary Emmy award he received last year.

It's crazy to imagine this time last year New York's recently resigned Governor was being lauded for his leadership through the pandemic and even received a special Emmy award recognizing his television efforts to inform New Yorkers and through the pandemic. But a lot has changed over the past year, and as Andrew Cuomo begins his retirement from being Governor, he has been stripped of that honor.

According to CBS 6, the Academy officially 'revoked' the honor citing the New York Attorney General's report on sexual harassment allegations and Cuomo's retirement from office. Any record of Cuomo winning the award will be erased from all Emmy records.

If you recall during the early and most intense stages of the pandemic, Cuomo's press conferences were must-see television which led to the honorary Emmy. Whether you love Cuomo or hate him, his leadership at the time was commended and appreciated before all the controversy set in regarding nursing home deaths and eventually the harassment allegations.

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