St. Patrick’s Day is on its way this weekend. It’s a day full of fun, a boatload of Irish music, traditional food, and green beer. It’s a day to show off your Irish heritage or have fun pretending you have some. It’s also a day where the perfect outfit can make or break your fun.

The first thing to remember is St. Patrick’s Day involves a lot of standing at bars, and quite a few walks (because drinking and driving is stupid.) Therefore, you need a pair of comfortable shoes. I would suggest something of the boot variety that is waterproof, bar floors can get pretty gross and sticky.

My second suggestion is wear a comfortable pair of jeans. You won’t want to carry around a backpack or purse all day, and jeans have just the right number of pockets. You’ll need you cell phone, some Tylenol, some breath mints, and some cash. Cash is the easiest way to navigate the day through the bars.

Jeans will also hold up well against the cold weather and possible spilling of drinks throughout the day.

An obnoxious hat is always welcomed on St. Paddy’s Day. Whether it be a giant shamrock or leprechaun hat, the ruder the better. It is also acceptable to wear a newsboy hat. The newsboy hat says I’m ready to have a good time, but I’m a little classy.

Long sleeves under your green shirt is always a great idea. Carrying around a jacket on a day full of bar hopping and some drinking isn’t fun. The potential to leave it at a friend’s house or bar is high. I wouldn’t wear anything of value either.

My last suggestion is to layer up on the green. Necklaces, sunglasses, socks, t-shirts, bracelets, etc. The more green and obnoxious the better.

There are my tips for getting through St. Paddy’s Day from a seasoned veteran. See you out there friends.

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