Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered the fourth and final part of his 2021 State of the State Address on Thursday.

The focus was on infrastructure.

Cuomo says the state will be expanding its infrastructure plan to invest $306 billion in the future of New York.

The governor says it’s the largest infrastructure plan in New York history and the largest of any state in the country.

Cuomo says with low interest rates and New Yorkers looking for work, now is the time to build.

"I sit in the office and live in the home occupied at one time by FDR. Part of Roosevelt's genius was that he understood that it was not the buildings and programs themselves that actually turned around the economy, it was the people," Cuomo said. "Building new projects enhances day-to-day life. Seeing progress lifts peoples' spirits. And building with bricks and mortar also builds public optimism and confidence."

Earlier this week, the Governor announced proposals to win the war against COVID-19, by addressing New York's short-term economic issues, ensure social and racial justice, and reopen the state while growing the green economy.

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