A coronavirus outbreak at Cornell University has officials declaring a COVID-19 yellow alert.

39 students, mainly athletes, have tested positive for COVID-19 after mass gatherings where masks were not worn and there was no social distancing. "We expect the size of the clusters to grow further over the coming days as we learn the results of pending tests," said Vice President of Student and Campus Life, Ryan Lombardi.

All of the infected students are in isolation and their contacts are being quarantined to prevent additional spread on campus. "We do not believe the new infections have spread outside the student community," said Lombardi.

The outbreak has University officials moving to COVID-19 alert level Yellow. In addition to social distancing, mask-wearing and hand-washing, all student gatherings are limited to TEN people. And all in-person university-sponsored events and activities remain suspended at least through the end of September.

"This type of irresponsible behavior and disregard for others in our community has been dealt with through significant consequences, including suspension and being banned from campus; we will not shy away from continuing to impose such sanctions where appropriate," said Lombardi.

If students don't follow necessary guidelines, officials may need to take drastic action, moving to online classes for a period of time.

SUNY Oneonta has cancelled in person classes for the fall semester after more than 300 students contracted the coronavirus.

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