There's the million-dollar question with no easy answer, "how did the coronavirus get started?" Faculty members at Cornell University have studied every aspect of COVID-19 from personal hygiene to its impact on the world marketplace and even what started the virus itself. Their conclusion involves "wet marketplaces" in China.

The virus started in animals and made the jump to humans through wet markets common in Eastern Asia. These markets sell fresh meat, fish, and produce, often slaughtering a wide variety of live animals using the same equipment and utensils. Then this same equipment is then used again to finish the processing of meat and produce and serve customers.

That's how the virus gets transferred from animals to humans. Combine the ease of global travel with unhealthy and often illegal food processing and over the course of time the coronavirus ends up in Central New York.

Cornell's experts say while good hygiene and cleanliness will stop the spread of the COVID-19, stopping the wet markets creating the virus will be the key to ending future viruses as a whole. Depending on how far you want to go down the rabbit hole on this subject, read more on Cornell's research on the Coronavirus.


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