Today is National Grilled Cheese Day, so naturally we need to discuss how to construct the PERFECT grilled cheese sandwich.

The debate over what kind of cheese one should use is highly contested. I always go with a nice American cheese. It has the perfect touch of saltiness but still keeps its savory taste. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with white or yellow/orange American cheese, but in my experience the yellow/orange melts just a little bit better. I always use three slices of cheese.

I am a proponent of any type of potato bread, I love Martin’s brand. In the case of building the perfect grilled cheese, however, you must use white bread. Any white bread will do, except Texas toast. The cheese is supposed to be the star of the sandwich not the bread. Texas toast should be reserved for garlic bread. The sheer size and consistency of the bread will disrupt the balance of the sandwich.

Do not use butter, I repeat DO NOT USE BUTTER. Mayonnaise is your friend here. The mayo on the outside of the bread instead of butter will give you the perfect crust on your grilled cheese. It also adds another layer of flavor.

To perfectly melt your cheese, leave the sandwich open-faced until the very end. Place the cheese on top of the bread in the pan and cover. The steam and heat will help melt the cheese. When the cheese is melty and gooey complete the process by joining both side of the sandwich.

Toppings or filling for the grilled cheese sandwich is also highly debated. Tomato shouldn’t be on your grilled cheese, UNLESS it is an heirloom tomato that is perfectly grilled and charred.

Bacon is always acceptable.

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