A community came together to help first responders rescue a dog that fell through the ice on Oneida Lake.

The Sylvan Beach Fire Department was alerted to a dog on the ice Wednesday, January 13th. The pooch fell into the frigid waters of Oneida Lake before the Water Rescue airboat arrived. Chief Ricky Johnson and Lieutenant Austin Brown entered the water to rescue the dog.

The dog was treated for exposure and taken to shore to be reunited with his family. "All the help of the North Bay and Sylvan Beach firemen for the rescue of our dog Sully Bear is so appreciated," said the dog's owner Gary Scott. "The Scott family is so thankful."

The community stepped in to help with the dog rescue too. "Thank you to Tom Moore for use of his launch and Three Pines Marina for all your assistance," said the Sylvan Beach Fire Department. "This is a prime example of the community helping their local fire departments. We could not do it without all your support."

So happy to hear Sully Bear is safe and back with those who love him most. Kudos to everyone involved in bringing him home.

Be safe this winter and stay off any ice surfaces that you don't know the thickness of.

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