We all have one or two colors that we prefer. Maybe it looks good on us or the color has been known to give us good luck. Maybe it just makes us feel better about the way we look or feel. Well, that may not be a coincidence!

Apparently, psychologists and color experts say that certain colors effect our brains differently and can change our moods, give us inspiration, and even help us relax.

Dewey Sadka formed the Dewey Color System and said that the way we form colors as a kid, along with those wavelengths are responsible for this.

Let's see what colors have powers.

Red: FOCUS. According to the University of British Columbia, the color red can make us pay more attention to details and have more focus! Got a big presentation? Wear red!

Green: RELAX. University of Georgia experts say that our brains associate green with nature and that the color can help us chill out and relax our minds!

Blue: CREATE. University of British Columbia researchers found that looking at the color blue can get our creative juices flowing and help us come up with ideas! Next time you're stuck and can't think of something, look up at the blue sky!

Yellow: ENERGY. Now, this one we could have guessed. Didn't get enough sleep? Need an extra burst of energy? Experts say those who hung out in a yellow room felt more active and energized!

Orange: WORK OUT. According to the Pantone Color Institute Study, orange can motivate you to work out more! Not feeling the gym today? Throw on an orange shirt and get motivated!

Purple: LAUGH. According to the University of Georgia, most people associate purple with children and laughing, so if you're feeling a little stressed or tense, look at something purple or throw on that purple scarf and you'll feel a lot better!

Brown: COZY. Researchers at the Pantone Color Institute Study found that brown makes people feel cozy and comfy. Maybe it's rainy and gloomy outside or you want to spend the day on the couch - brown is your color!

White: HOPEFUL. Maybe you just went through a rough breakup or bombed a huge test. University of Georgia researchers say that white can make people feel hopeful about the future. A blank page, perhaps? Find some white! Bed sheets, pants (not after Labor Day!), a little bit of white where you haven't seen it can brighten you up!

Black: POWER: We all know the rumors behind the little black dress, making us feel and look more sexy. Well, turns out that throwing on that sleek, black blazer can also make us feel empowered and sophisticated! Got your favorite black accessory? Throw it on and feel the power!

Colors can really change the way our day goes - throw one of these on next time you need a mood boost.