Tommy Hilfiger announced a line of products design for people living with disabilities. One in five Americans live with disabilities and just getting dressed in the morning can be extremely difficult.

Tommy has taken their classic templates and expanded upon them. Their zip-up jackets can be zipped using one hand because of a new magnetic base.

Traditional button and zip-fly pants have been converted to use magnets when wearing them. They have created easy open necklines that also use magnets and loops hidden in the shoulders making putting on shirts easier.

They have also designed shirts that open in the back designed for people who need to remain seated. Their new pants have been designed to open with magnets at the end of the pants leg to accommodate braces.

New jackets have replaced traditional buttons with magnets and pants will feature adjustable hems.

According to Tommy's website, Tommy Adaptive is designed with and for people with disabilities:

“Tommy Adaptive empowers people to express themselves through fashion. From the style and comfort of each piece to the inventive twists we’ve added, getting dressed is easier.”


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