Mom's House does so much to help provide free childcare (kids between 8 weeks to 4 years old) for low income, single parents, who are in school full time.

Mom's House not only provides free childcare while the parent is in school but they also help with workshops in child development, nutrition, CPR, educational options, financial planning, and self-esteem.

And believe it or not, Mom's House is a non-profit organization and they offer all of these services to free, which means they rely on donations from our community to be able to continue to change lives.

Here's a way to help Mom's House while enjoying two the best Christmas movies of all time as New Life Ministries produces and presents an original musical called "It's a Wonderful Christmas."

It features my personal favorite Christmas movie "Elf" along with "It's a Wonderful Life." Join two of God's angels, Jesse and Rose, as they try to show Georgianna Bailey that her life truly is wonderful.

This is their fifth original Christmas musical and is completely free but you can donate to Mom’s House. Last year, their Christmas show received $8,000 in donations and this year, they are aiming for $10,000.

The show runs this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (12/6-12/8) beginning at 6:07 p.m. at New Life Ministries, 201 Hill Avenue in Endicott. Refreshments are available at their cafe and shirts are for sale to benefit Mom's House.

Go here to find out more about "It's a Wonderful Christmas." Take a date, enjoy a night out and help out Mom's House at the same time.

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