CHOW (Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse) continues to see a major increase in requests for help from needy individuals and families in our area.  COVID-19 has had devastating effects on the world, our country and our Broome County community.  In our  area CHOW has witnessed firsthand the upsurge in food needs for families who have had job losses, furloughs or increased medical needs.

To continue lending a helping hand in these difficult times CHOW is asking for our help.  With complete understanding of the concerns of COVID-19 and shopping and traveling CHOW is asking for monetary donations,  Because CHOW staff members can buy in bulk they can make food purchases for cheaper prices than the public can.  That's why your contribution of money is so important.

News Radio 1290 WNBF and Townsquare Media are helping CHOW and requesting your contributions through our charitable arm.  To help please visit:

Your donations remain local and go to CHOW to help the needy.  We hope you can make your donation today.  Thank you !

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