If you've ever had a pet, you realize how important it is to give it the right name. The name you give your pet says as much about you as it does about your four-legged friend.

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I wanted to name our last dog "Stay" but I was afraid that I would confuse the animal when I called for him. I can hear it now, "Here Stay, come here Stay." The dog wouldn't know whether to go or stay.

In all seriousness, we named our last dog "CJ" after the dog we fostered before him. The first foster dog's name was Charlie and when we got our second foster dog, his name was Hunter. When we decided to make Hunter our forever dog, we wanted to change his name.

We agreed that he looked a lot like our first foster dog so we named him "Charlie Jr." or CJ for short. CJ has stuck and we all agree that is the right name for him. Apparently we aren't the only ones that do this.

According to Nationwide Insurance, they say people are more likely to chose a human name for their pet as opposed to Rover or Fluffy. They say that it reflects their place as a genuine part of the family.

Tips For Choosing a Name For a New Pet

When you get a new pet, don't name him immediately. Take a day or two to observe your four-legged friend and check out it's personality. In my case, Hunter didn't fit as it's name. We all agreed that he looked a lot like our first foster dog Charlie so we named him Charlie Jr. or CJ. It's definitely a better fit for him.

Pick a name that the pet will recognize easily. Your female dog will recognize "Queen" better than "Princess Sunflower."

Make it Appropriate. Your pet is going through its life with its new name and as it's owner, you'll be saying the name hundreds and hundreds of time. Calling my dog "Stay" may be funny the first ten times but it'll get old quick. Pick a name that'll make you feel comfortable and more importantly not embarrass the rest of the family.

Now That We've Picked A Name, It's Time For Some Puppy Cuteness To Brighten Our Day

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