If you visited a Chili’s Grill & Bar anytime between March and April of this year and used your debit or credit card, there's a chance your information might have been compromised in a data breach that hit the restaurant.

Brinker International is the parent company of Chili's and in a news release they revealed, "...Some Chili’s restaurants have been impacted by a data incident, which may have resulted in unauthorized access or acquisition of your payment card data..."

While it's still not clear which Chili's locations were involved in the breach, Brinker International said, "Currently, we believe the data incident was limited to between March – April 2018; however, we continue to assess the scope of the incident."

Brinker International claims they took immediate action as soon as they learned of the breach and that they're taking the situation seriously, "We are working with third-party forensic experts to conduct an extensive investigation to confirm the nature and scope of this incident. Law enforcement has been notified of this incident and we will continue to fully cooperate. "

If you believe that your credit or debit card information might be compromised as a result of this data breach, Experian suggests that you do the following immediately -

  1.  Call your bank and cancel your card immediately. If your debit card was used, also change the pin number for that card.
  2. Go over your bank and credit card statements very carefully, keeping a watchful eye out for any purchases that you didn't make. If you spot any, notify your financial institution immediately. However, keep in mind that according to the FTC, if your card was lost, stolen, or part of a breach and you wait, "More than 2 business days after you learn about the loss or theft, but less than 60 calendar days after your statement is sent to you" you could be responsible for at least $500 of the money taken from your account.
  3. Change the passwords for all of your credit and debit accounts, even those not affected and do it immediately.

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