In 1986 budget cuts hit American veterans especially hard when Congress eliminated all prior funding for the Veteran’s Beneficiary Travel Program. What this meant to our nation’s veterans is that they would no longer be reimbursed by the federal government for transportation expenses to VA medical facilities.

Unable to sit back and watch those who served our country not be able to receive the care they deserve because of lack of transportation, the Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network stepped up and began giving rides to veterans through their free transportation program.

The Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network has been able to transport veterans for over 20 years thanks to the help of individuals, organizations, and businesses from all around Central New York. But now, they face a sad situation- a massively critical shortage of volunteer drivers which means there is a very real possibility that our local veterans will no longer be able to get to important places such as medical facilities because there will be no way for them to get there.

Many of our veterans live on fixed incomes and the only way they’re able to get to medical appointments and such is through the Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network. If you have some free time and would be willing to give rides to local veterans, it would mean the world to them.

To learn more about the Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network and how you can step up and volunteer to give rides, reach out the Driver Recruitment Officer at 315-425-4343.

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