The first year was such a success that they are bringing it back and it's almost sold out already. It's the second annual "Naked in a Cave" at Howe Caverns on I-88 off Exit 22. The discovery of Howe Caverns is a fascinating story. Lester Howe noticed in the summer that his cows would always gather at one spot so he investigated and found a cool breeze coming from a hole in the Earth.

He and a friend found a cave where the temperature is always 52 degrees. That was in 1842 and all of these years later, it is still a popular summer destination. One of the great things about Howe Caverns is that you don't need training or special equipment to go caving or spelunking.

Their motto is "Keeping Adventure and Exploration Alive" and on September 14th, they'll take the adventure to a new level as they celebrate the Harvest Moon with your Full Moon.

Adults can tour the caves by lantern with little else...literally, because you can explore the caves in the buff. No phones or cameras will be allowed and footwear and reservations will be required.

This year's event will once again celebrate "body positivity"  because natural is positive. I'm positive that I wouldn't be taking the "Leisurely Naked Stroll" but a fast walk. Shoes and reservations are required.

It also includes several "clothing" and "clothing-optional" activities, along with the stroll through the caverns. There was only 350 tickets made available and they are nearly sold-out so make your reservations sooner then later.

The ticket price will get you a souvenir robe that you get to keep. Do's it include an adult beverage?  I think I would need the drink BEFORE I did buff exploration at Howe Caverns. Go here for more details and get ready to celebrate the Harvest Moon with your Full Moon.

[via Howe Caverns]