When was the last time you bought a CD? I just bought a new radio for my office and it has a CD player in it and wondered how many people still purchase music on Compact Disc.

The first CD was release in 1982, do you know what it was?  The answer coming up in this blog.

Compact Discs are still very popular today, in fact according to IFPI Music Report Digital downloads did not pass CD’s until 2014

In 2016 CD buyers made up 32% of music purchasers, so yes people still buy them.

I personally have hundreds of CD’s and like many I don’t want to pay for downloads when I already have the music, however new music I would purchase on line, but many still like that physical shiny circle to place in their CD player.

We still get CD’s at the radio station, but the music we play comes from a hard drive.

I wonder how long it will be before the compact disc player will be stored in the attic with the eight track and cassette players


The answer to the question about the first CD release in 1982,  it was Billy Joel’s 52nd Street

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