Have you heard of the new game show "Raid the Cage" on CBS? The show started in Israel and has made its American debut on CBS. Well, two SUNY Cortland grads recently made headlines when they appeared on that very show.

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Kevin Rayo (class of 2017) and Billy Swenson,(class of 2015), got everyone's attention with their wit and intelligence. With over 2 million viewers watching, the pair showed off their talents and walked away with a prize of nearly $40,000!

What is "Raid the Cage?"

"Raid the Cage" puts two teams against each other in a race against time. Contestants have to answer questions and collect as many prizes as possible from a giant "cage" before the door closes. The team with the highest total value of their prizes gets to keep everything they have won.

Kevin and Billy's journey to game show glory began during their time at Cortland, while they were studying musical theater. They didn't know that their paths would cross again on the set of "Raid the Cage."

Kevin and Billy expressed their interest in competing on a game show and through completely random luck, their wish came true. After a two-month audition process, the Cortland grads found themselves on the set of "Raid the Cage" ready to take on the challenges ahead of them.

During their appearance on the show, Kevin and Billy won the hearts of the audience with their sense of humor and their backstory as former theater friends. They joked about their survival of a forced ballet class during their time at Cortland. They recalled how they became good friends because neither of them could dance.

Kevin and Billy loved the pressure of the show's intense shooting schedule and drew energy from the audience. Their theatrical skills helped them to deliver an entertaining performance. Their enthusiasm grew as the rounds progressed.

Not only did they enjoy the thrill of competing on a game show, but they loved the chance to visit Mexico City, where the show is filmed. All expenses were covered and the entire experience gave Kevin and Billy memories that will last a lifetime.

In the end, Kevin and Billy were the champions and won prizes worth $39,507. The winnings included many unique items from an iPhone to an electric, rideable suitcase. With the choice to convert their winnings to cash, the two picked cash and split the money, which allowed them to pay off their debts.

You can watch Kevin and Billy's "Raid the Cage" episode here.

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