Before its doors shut on October 9, 2006, Catskill Game Farm served as a real-life living dream for children of all ages from Upstate New York and beyond, and today, you can live out all of your childhood fantasies by becoming its new owner.

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For over 70 years, thousands upon thousands of families visited the Catskill Game Farm to bask in all of its gloriousness. At one time, Catskill Game Farm was America's largest privately-owned zoo and people flocked to it for the chance to feed bears, take a train ride through the park, ride the historic merry-go-round, and make memories that would last for a lifetime.

When it closed Columbus Day weekend in 2006, a piece of our childhoods died and we were left wondering if the Catskill Game Farm would be brought to life again or if it would simply fade into obscurity.

While the Catskill Game Farm hasn't opened back up as an animal farm, it has opened its doors for people looking to spend the night - for a price, of course. If you have a  load of spare cash at your disposal, you can stay right inside the Old Catskill Game Farm Estate for a cool $1,500 a night. Or, you could just buy the whole thing.

That's right, the Old Catskill Game Farm and birthplace of the very famous April the Giraffe is looking for its new owner. Presented by Jeanne Rakowski with Corcoran Country Living, the asking price for the Old Catskill Game Farm is $3,600,000. 

$3.6 million is no small number, but for that price, you will own a legendary piece of New York history. Oh, and you'll also pick up 200 acres of land, a 9,000 square foot house, and so much more.

Legendary Catskill Game Farm Property Searching for Its New Owner

Before it was known as the birthplace of the famous April the Giraffe, the Catskill Game Farm was a summertime adventure for kids and their families for over 70 years. Now, not only could you own April's birthplace, but you could live out all of your childhood fantasies at the Catskill Game Farm. Presented by Jeanne Rakowski with Corcoran Country Living, the asking price for the Old Catskill Game Farm which is located at 400 Game Farm Road in Catskill, New York is $3,600,000. 

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