As a child, I remember getting my head stuck under the couch one early morning. My parents were still asleep and this gave me a chance to ponder my life...and how to get out without hollering up the stairs and waking them up.

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I imagine that it's happened to all of us at one time or another in our life. When we look back at the incident, we can laugh about it now. That's why I can chuckle (a little) about this kitty getting her head caught in a cup.

Kitten Cup Kaper

On May 31st, Environmental Conservation Officier (ECO), Dougherty noticed a small animal with its head stuck inside a plastic fast food drink cup in the Chautauqua County town of Ellery. Dougherty approached the cup with caution and discovered it was a kitten.

Officier Dougherty removed the cup and safely cut the lid from the kitten's head. All is well that ends well but it could have easily been prevented if the responsible party had disposed of the cup properly to begin with. The good news is that the kitten was later adopted.

Cat Stuck In Cup New York State DEC
New York State DEC

Cat Caught In Storm Drain

This reminds me of the time that a cat got stuck in a storm drain and the Binghamton Fire Department came to the rescue. The feline went exploring and found itself in a sewer drain and the BC Humane Society eventually took custody of the cat

Man Stuck Head-First In His Own Koi Pond

Okay, we can stop picking on the cats and get back to the humans. A New York man was cleaning out his koi pond and somehow fell into the pond and got stuck for 30 minutes.

He was stuck head-first in the pond, with his feet standing straight up in the air when his wife heard him yelling. She called the firefighters and they were able to get him out. He didn't suffer any injuries...Just a lot of embarrassment.

So what did you get stuck in or on? I'd love to hear your story.

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