We have all done dumb things in our lives. Especially when we were younger. I can speak for myself and admit that when I was 17 I truly thought I knew everything. I recall thinking to myself "what else is there to learn?". WOW, was I wrong and perhaps the individuals experienced a life lesson recently.

To be blunt, don't drive your car on the beach!

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Earlier this month a group of individuals were inspired by a social media challenge! It was a call to action so to speak as each of them got behind the wheel and decided to head to the beach. Sounds normal until I tell you that some didn't sop at the parking lot and a few even parked on the beach...and got stuck.

According to New York State DEC, on Sunday March 6, Rangers teamed with New York State Park Police in response to a large gathering of cars at Captree State Park in Bayshore, NY. Not a big deal right? Maybe it's Senior Skip Day?


The report is that a social media "challenge" prompted these individuals to gather at Captree State Park. Some of these participants were driving recklessly and others parked on the fishing pier!

Officers found nearly half-a-dozen vehicles parked in and around the pier. One vehicl on the sand but ended up stuck!


Suspects were asked why and the response was ""to take pictures". Park Police issued tickets for:

  • Disturbing the natural state of a tidal wetland without a permit

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