We are getting closer to camping season. Generally, late May is when most people start making trips to the campgrounds in and around New York State and the I Love NY website shows us that New York is full of beautiful woodlands, mountains, lakes and islands and many are set up to enjoy the peaceful outdoor vacation known as camping.

Many of us don’t really like to rough it, but if you really want to take camping to that level there are many places you can go like the Adirondacks, the Catskills or some of the other mountain areas in New York.

I am more of a local regional camping guy, many campers can rough it without TV for a week but a lot of seasonal campers need some of the comforts of home like running water, toilets and electricity.

Camping is a social hobby as many people travel together with friends and family to enjoy a few days, a week, or an entire summer.

f you’re looking for camping equipment or have any questions regarding supplies and general camping information, Eureka Camping Center at 625 Conklin Road in Binghamton are the experts on all things camping and camping equipment and have a nice selection of tents to keep you warm and dry this camping season.

If you stop by Eureka Camping Center, make sure you ask for Bill!

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