How many of those 200 cable channels do you actually watch? Check out what the latest survey says about Americans and their TV habits.

I just read a recent survey by the Nielsen Company that says the average American watches about 18 different channels.

The survey says that American viewers are acquiring more channels, but the amount they watch has basically stayed the same.

I don’t watch 18 programs in a week, and if it weren’t for sports, I probably wouldn’t even have cable TV in my home.

There are so many options now with Netflix, Sling, Amazon and other channel bundle packages that I think you’ll see a decrease in the mega channel cable subscribers.

I also have seen a decline in quality content which is most likely due to the over saturation of programs on the constantly growing channels.

My granddaughter likes the children’s channels and outside of Sponge Bob Square Pants, I can’t watch more than 15 seconds of those Disney kids, complete with their heavily edited one liners, followed by laugh tracks.

The new smart televisions offer many options and I think we’re on the verge of a revolution in home entertainment as the internet mergers with our TV sets.

Still many people feel that paying $45 a week for internet and a bah-zillion TV channels is OK.

I’m still waiting for my sports channels (without the blackout restrictions)

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