Hey you! Have you ever wanted to play a buff man clad in magical armor swinging a sword made out of a previously slain dragon’s bones? How about a nerd that has spent so many years reading that they can literally make giant balls of fire rain from the sky and laugh as the enemies scream and explode? Then do I have a game for you!


Okay, so maybe I’m over embellishing this a bit, but these are actual possibilities. And as for this game I speak of, I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons!


No! Don’t click away! Let me make my case!


I understand that this game has a history of being for nerds, and people believe that to play you need to be all dressed up as your character and get into it like you’re a theater student right before your audition. Well, what if I told you that you could play it like any other board game while just sitting around and enjoying a beer with your friends? Sounds a bit more fun, doesn’t it?


And are you worried about dealing with the calculations, learning complex rules and not enjoying a fantasy genre? Well for those, you can: use programs and websites that automatically calculate things for you, the rules in the newest edition are simple and easy to learn, and you can play whatever genre you want with the right materials!


Basically, think of it this way: you get to play a game powered by humans on the spot, giving you the illusion of an open-world, free-roam game that warps to whatever you and the other players want! As well, there are countless materials online made by other players that allow you to play really anything you want!


I highly recommend giving it a try if you enjoy tabletop games or roleplaying, and I have plenty of stories of games I was a part of that show how fun the game can be. Plenty of comic shops run a special game called “Adventurer’s League,” which will allow you to start playing in a professional environment that is very beginner friendly!


Before you turn your nose away, just look up quick if there are any Adventurer’s League games around. If there’s one that you could make, give it a shot! You may actually enjoy it more than you think.

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