Like everybody else, we're trying to get a classroom set up in our living room. Here's how to build two desks and two chairs for your children's virtual learning and it won't hurt the wallet.

Honestly, I tried to take the easy way and order desks and chairs from a big box store so my kids would be comfortable doing school work from home. But, then our order got pushed out a week, then pushed out until further notice. We did the logical thing and canceled the order.

We were going to pay well over $200 for two desks and two chairs and knew we could build them for much cheaper. So that's exactly what we did. My brother-in-law has all the necessary tools to do what we need to do, and we got to work.

We spent roughly $65 on wood and figured we could use some scrap wood for some chairs.  Check out how we did it.

Building Desks & Chairs For Under $100

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