When I say "Buc-ee's", what comes to mind? If you haven't heard of Buc-ee's, you've been missing out. Think of a big convenience store, gas station, with food all rolled into one. That's Buc-ee's!

We're talking restrooms that would make your bathroom at home jealous, rows of snacks and drinks with a food court that'll blow your taste buds away.

Why New York Needs a Buc-ee's

So why does New York need a Buc-ee's? We all know how much we love to take road trips in the Empire State. Long drives across the state, while enjoying the beautiful countryside. When it's time to take a break, what can help is a Buc-ee's pit stop?

Your one stop to fill up the tank and your tummy. But that's not all, ya'll!  Buc-ee's is a place where you can find fun and quirky souvenirs, from keychains to t-shirts that proclaim your love for Buc-ee's.

It's your chance to wear a Buc-ee's shirt right here in the heart of New York without having to drive down south to get the shirt. Looking for a place to meet up, how awesome would it be to have a Buc-ee's around as your meet-up spot? It's a place to meet that can fill all of your road trip needs 

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So, come on, New York State, let's make it happen! Let's bring a Buc-ee's to our great state and add a little Lone Star charm to our road trip adventures.

10 'Must-Get' Items at Buc-ee's

Most items on the list won't last long, but a couple you can keep in the cupboard for a substantial amount time; break them out for guest: "Oh, yes, we got this at Buc-ee's, right after they opened. Well, it wasn't RIGHT after they opened, that would have been crazy."

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6 Ways That Buc-Ee's Is Not a Truck Stop

 Yes, they do share similarities, but make no mistake: Buc-Ee's is not a place for over-the-road drivers.

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