The weather has been pretty crummy for the last few weeks, but that certainly hasn’t stopped people from dodging out from between the raindrops to try to soak in as much summer fun as possible before the season comes to an end. From picnicking to frisbee golf to swimming, people all over the state of New York have been visiting various parks and beaches and then sharing their experience for the world to see and to help others determine which location has what they’re looking for.

New York Upstate went for a dive through, a crowd-sourced review website to find out which beaches in New York state were the favorite of visitors and one of our very own Broome County beaches took a spot on the list of the 20 best beaches in Upstate New York.

Coming in at number six on the list is Nathaniel Cole Park in Harpursville. Out of a possible five stars, visitors ranked the park a four-star visit, not too shabby!

Yelp reviewer Scott D. of Binghamton writes,

Gorgeous lake surrounded by various facilities and trails. Great during leaf peeping season, and I also stuck around for sunset. I visited in October, so I practically had the entire park to myself, complete with two empty beaches and dozens of picnic tables and grills. I mainly went to take pictures though I could never time the pictures of migrating geese just right, but they did give me a few chances...

And then there's this review from Barbecutioner K.of Hawleyton and the only thing about the review that's left us scratching our heads is why they only gave the park a four-star rating because this review glows!

i've always liked this place. i've only been here once as an adult, but i went many times as a kid and always had a good time. the lake seems clean as far as lakes go, and while i've never rented a boat here it's really cool that they're available. i would definitely like to rent one sometime and do some fishing. there's also playgrounds here and grills to have your own cookout, but if you don't want to cook then there's also a snack stand. when i was a kid i remember they used to give you HUGE scoops of ice cream. yup, good memories of this place indeed, bring your kids here!

If you'd like to check out the beach at Nathaniel Cole Park, it's open from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (hours may vary) and if you'd like to see the 19 other beaches in Upstate New York voted the best of the best, check this out.

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