Vital Stats:

Name: Brooke Albright
Age: 18
From: Apalachin, New York
Singing Experience: "I've been singing since about 13. I've always loved music. Music was kinda like my buddy. I didn't have many friends in younger grades. Music was kind of my friend."

I've always loved music. Music was kinda like my buddy

Heroes: "My brother. He's in the army and has been ever since he left high school."
Favorite Country Artist: Luke Bryan
Country Crush: "Probably Billy Currington. I love his smile and I like his songs"

The Inside Scoop:

Brooke is a returning finalist from last year's Hawk Hitmaker Challenge! Since then, she's been tirelessly working on her music and has big things planned:

I'm currently working on my first album. I'm writing the songs with help from my voice teacher. I'm kind of new to the writing process, but it's really fun. Three songs are done already.

To the country music skeptic:

It tells a story. If you listen to the whole thing. Country music can help you through a bad day, it can make you laugh: it's real.

To potential voters:

Winning this would mean a lot to me because I work really hard at this. Music is my life.

Here is Brooke's song. Take a listen and look out for your opportunity to vote once all 9 contestants have been profiled:

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