Most of us have gone through at least one emotional break up in our lives, what is the best way to get over a break up, and should you be allowed to take a few days off from your job?

I read an article on the web site GMA that there is a company that believes in giving their employees some time off if they are going through a tough break up.

The company is an advertising agency and they go as far as time off with pay and they will pay for future dates and even a wedding reception, wow.

I have been through several break ups over the years and the key factor in healing and moving on is time and what we do with it.

Keeping busy is always a good thing when you’re trying to get over a break up, but it still hurts and many people make the mistake of jumping into a relations right away only to realize in a short period of time they end up breaking it off with that person.

I’m no expert but I have hurt people by acting that very way, we don’t do it on purpose, but you really need time to heal and get your mind in the right place before trying to begin another relationship.

I do think that it’s cool when your employer recognizes that you’re in a damaged state from a break up and tries to help you.

I don’t think it’s that we want to find someone better, we want a better match for our life, with similar goals, and then some people are really jerks and you never look back and see them for who they really  are until you go through the healing process.

I made some stupid mistakes when I was younger, and did some things I regret, but being in a relationship is a learning process and I have learned a great deal and have a great relationship with my wife.

I offer some advice from a novice blogger, with a lifelong experience in relationships, give yourself some time to heal, and then go find that special person that is out there looking for you.


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