Most of us have had some experience with scouting, whether it be the boy scouts or the girls scouts. The Boy Scouts of America is currently undergoing changes to be more inclusive of all genders and gender identities.

The organization will soon undergo a major change and allow girls to join the ranks.

The well known Boy Scouts will now be simply known as Scouts BSA, the organization announced Wednesday.

While the parent organization will remain the Boy Scouts of America and the 7-10 year-old age group will still be known as the Cub Scouts.

The age group of 11-17 year-old children will become Scouts BSA next February.

Currently the Cub Scouts are accepting girls into their groups while the newly named Scouts BSA will begin admitting girls beginning in the new year.

According the AP, 3,000 girls have joined the Scouts so far across 170 different groups. The Scouts currently have about 2.3 million people participating which is down from 2.6 million just 5 years ago.

The Girl Scouts have reacted to the name change by launching new initiatives and new badges for girls to earn. Badges involved in the campaign will focus on outdoor and science activities, engineering, math, and technology.

[via AP]

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