I think we all have encountered this situation. We drive by something almost every day without noticing it and once we see it, we wonder how long it's actually been there. That is what happened to me and I'm wondering how I never saw it before.

Kamikaze Curve In Binghamton

I've lived in Chenango Bridge for almost 20 years and almost every day I drive by "Kamikaze Curve" in Binghamton. If you don't know where I'm talking about it's at the intersections of Route 17 (or I-86) and I-81.

It's known for its slippery conditions and traffic accidents. It's also where the Prospect Mountain project began in 2012 (wow, 10 years ago already). I frequently travel on I-81 South and get on Route 17 at the curve. After the project began, I noticed a triangle where the two roads meet that I call the "Kamikaze Triangle."

You go left to stay on I-81S/Rt.17E or go right onto 17W. Have you noticed what is in the middle of that triangle??? Not one but two little ponds. Here's my question? How long have they been there and why?

The Two Ponds On Kamikaze Curve

You can't see them at all when you travel I-81 North, I tried looking in my rearview mirror and still couldn't see them. The two ponds can be seen as you travel on 81 South but the best view that you'll get is when you stay right and get onto Rt. 17 West at the curve.

Now that I know that they are, I find myself looking that way when I should be keeping my eyes on the highway. The best that I can tell when I'm driving by at 55 MPH is that the ponds are on two different plateaus.

When I was rubber-necking through the area, I thought that I saw some vegetation around the ponds too. I've also noticed a little dirt road that I could take off the highway that leads to the ponds. However, even I know that isn't the wisest thing to do.

Have you seen these bodies of water as you travel through the Kamikaze Triangle? Are there fish in Pitcher's ponds? Yes, I named them after myself and it rhymes. I could call the Broome County Highway Department but this is much more fun.

If you know, can you tell us through our app?

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