I actually woke up this morning thinking about this subject- every community has its wants and needs, so if the city of Binghamton had a conscience mind, what types of things would be on its bucket list?

A ‘bucket list’ is a list of things one would like to accomplish or experience in their lifetime. Keep in mind that these are things on the lighter side and not intended to solicit controversy. In other words, it's just me having some fun with this.

If I were Binghamton, these things would be on my bucket list.

  • 1

    Free WiFi

    Imagine if all Binghamton residents weren't charged to use the Internet!

  • 2

    Speedy Service

    If I were Binghamton, my peeps would get a table at Red Robin without having to wait (you’d think food was going out of style).

  • 3

    A Water Park

    I'd make sure that my residents had a fun way to splash around and cool off on those hot August days. And maybe there'd even be a mini golf course attached!

  • 4

    A Chick-Fil-A

    Mmmm...Chick-Fil-A! Couldn’t you go for a spicy chicken deluxe right about now? Yeah, me too.

  • 5

    A Walking Track

    I'd love a giant walking track around the inner city. I mean, we could all benefit from a few laps two to three times a week.

  • 6

    Trash Collecting Garbage Meters

    Wouldn't it be awesome if we had parking meters that would give out minutes in exchange for pieces of picked up trash? (Just imagine how spiffy I would look!)

  • 7

    Championship Title

    If I were Binghamton, nothing would excite me more than my Rumble Ponies winning a championship this year!

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