Talk about  “Take Your Dog to Work Day”!  Meet Magnus the coyote pup!

Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park
Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park

Magnus a three week old coyote pup that was rescued by PAWS in Waterloo, South Carolina. His mom or siblings where nowhere to be found and PAWS staff were worried. Magnus needed a safe home! See, South Carolina law says he could not be released back into the wild. The Binghamton Zoo has the space and facilities for this species, so the guys and gals of our Binghamton Zoo started getting Magnus’ new home ready!


I know I want to go see Mangus too! Now remember, Coyotes are nocturnal, they hunt and move around at night alone. They eat anything, rabbits, squirrels, mice, deer, birds, snakes, and larger insects. so you have a slim chance of seeing this guy doing what coyotes do... why? Magnus is in quarantine period and will not be on exhibit for awhile. He will end up living in Wolf Woods at some point in the future.

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