This Friday night, don't be shocked if you see hundreds of undead roaming the streets of downtown Binghamton. An excessive number of people dressed in ghoulish garb and elaborately scary makeup will come out of the darkness of the night to celebrate First Friday and the upcoming Halloween holiday with the yearly Binghamton Zombie Art Walk.

Want to participate? Great, because the Zombie Walk is free and everyone is invited to join in. All you need to do to participate is to dress up in your best zombie type clothing, do your makeup, and meet at the courtyard of the Metro Center on Court Street in downtown Binghamton no later than 7 p.m. this Friday, October 5th.  From the Metro Center, you'll shuffle your way through downtown Binghamton, drawing attention from everyone.

While the Binghamton Zombie Art Walk is free and open to everyone, there are some rules you'll need to remember

-Zombies don't talk and neither should you.
-Zombies don't take photos with cell phones, so you shouldn't either.
-No smiling. For real. And, no interacting with people who are clearly trying to avoid you.
-No touching any vehicle, whether they're moving or not.
-No drinking or smoking while participating. If you're drunk, this isn't the walk for you.
-Be respectful and clean up after yourself.
-Follow all traffic laws and walk only on sidewalks and cross only at intersections.

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