If you’ve lived in Binghamton for any amount of time, you’ve probably been to Binghamton University for a basketball or baseball game, maybe even a concert. But did you know that there is a Nature Preserve that you can check out?

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Binghamton University has many things to offer and you really should see the Nature Preserve. It’s 190 acres of land that includes forest trails along with a 20-acre wetland. You could even have a picnic with friends by the ponds.

The preserve also has several maintained hiking trails and is a great place to get away without traveling far...and it on the Binghamton University campus. It's a way to wind down while taking in what nature has to offer.

If you want to visit the Binghamton University Nature Preserve, you need to know the rules before you go. We don't want what happened at Howe Caverns and have a good thing ruined because people are disrespectful to nature.

Binghamton University's Nature Preserve Rules

The Nature Preserve has rules that you need to follow including a "closed from dusk to dawn" policy. So, if you're planning a sunrise hike or a moonlit walk, you'll have to wait until the sun is up and shining. However, you can get special permission for some activities, so be sure to ask beforehand if you have something special in mind.

When enjoying the Nature Preserve, you’ll need to keep the area litter-free. Remember, this natural preserve is meant to be enjoyed by all, including the wildlife .Once again, we don't want it ruined for everyone else.

If you're bringing your four-legged friend with you, be sure to keep them on a leash. Not only is this a rule, but it's also the law. Keeping your dog on a leash will stop them from disturbing the wildlife, damaging the habitats, or causing a problem for the other visitors. As always, remember to pick the poop up from your pup.

While exploring the Nature Preserve, leave your bicycle, scooter, or other things like that behind because the wheels can ruin the trails and cause erosion. Good news though, during the snowy winter months, feel free to bring your skis and take advantage of the snowy landscape.


DO NOT BUILD A FIRE! The dead wood in the forest is home to plants, fungi and animals. A fire could get out of control and spread fast and that isn't good for anyone. You also can't pitch your tent and spend the night because camping isn't allowed.

When your done with your visit to the Nature Preserve, you are asked to leave plants and animals behind...unless you have permission. You do have to pay to park and you can find out more here.

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