Binghamton Restaurant Week (BRW) is back and it's a win for everyone. It's a win for the restaurants involved, it's a chance for them to try something new for their regulars and an opportunity for others to try a new restaurant and help out some wonderful causes.

It's good for the community because BRW proceeds benefit the Children's Home and the Binghamton Boys and Girls Club.

It's good for me (and you) because it gives us a chance to try new places with our friends and family. I went to Binghamton Hots on Wednesday. It's my daughter, Tara's favorite restaurant in the Southern Tier...if not the world.

For her birthday, she gets to pick the restaurant to eat at and she always chooses Binghamton Hots. In fact, she has a friend celebrating a birthday in April and she has to have gluten-free food. Binghamton Hots has many gluten-free items and Tara has convinced her to go there for her birthday. Yes, Tara is going too.

She couldn't make it with me because of school. So I was able to go with my father-in-law, Bud. His birthday was on Sunday so I was able to treat him to a belated birthday lunch and gave us a chance to catch up. Here's their BRW menu.

You can find out why it's called "Binghamton Hots" here. Thanks to David from Binghamton Hots, even though Tara couldn't make it, he sent home her favorite meal of chicken tenders and french fries with her favorite sauce.

See, Binghamton Restaurant Week is a win-win for everyone and as they like to say "Eat well, be social, and support a great cause. Bite into it!

31 Restaurants are participating in BRW and most offer both lunch and dinner. It may be Binghamton Restaurant Week but it goes for 10 days and goes until March 30th. You can see the participating restaurants and their menus here.

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