I am a die-hard Eagles fan. My wife Chris is a Buffalo Bills fan who has adopted the Eagles as her second favorite team because of me.

I root for the Bills as well because it makes her happy and I've always felt bad for the Bills fans because of the whole 0-4 in the Super Bowl thing. I know how happy I was when Philly won it two years ago and I would love for her to have that same feeling. I would have no problem with the Buffalo Bills winning it all. That is of course if the Eagles don't make a miracle run this year.

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But I started thinking, the last time the Buffalo Bills had 10 wins in a season, how many businesses in the Binghamton area that are just memories now were still open. The last time the Buffalo Bills had ten wins in a season was 1999. A bunch of Binghamton businesses have shut their doors over that 20 year span.

Here's a list of a businesses that popped in my head that were still around at that time. See if I missed any.

Ames Department Stores Announces Closing
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Blockbuster Video
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  • Video King
  • 2016.10.04-KMART-CLOSING-A-e1567511727349
  • K-B Toys
  • 2018.02.22-TOYS-R-US-F
  • Pat Mitchell's Ice cream locations in both Binghamton and Endicott
  • The Roaring Fork in what was then called the Vestal Plaza
  • Vestal Steakhouse on the Vestal Parkway.
  • Speaking of Vestal, we had Ken Wilson Chevrolet in that iconic building on the Parkway.  We had the Mexican restaurants Delgado's and Chi-Chi's in Johnson City, and Ponderosa Steakhouse restaurants in Vestal, Johnson City, and Binghamton.


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    Bob Joseph/WNBF News











    So, what am I missing? If you can think of any other businesses that were open in the Binghamton area in 1999 and have since closed?

    And Go Bills!

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