With all the hard times that so many businesses have been going through in our area, it's great when we can pass along some good news. Take Ripics Carousel Lanes (formerly  Laurel Bowl), Laurel Avenue in Binghamton for example.

Jeff and Beckie Ripic bought Laurel Bowl, changed the name, and shortly thereafter, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and everything was shut down including Ripics. It wasn't an easy time for them, as they were shut down after making such a huge investment at their new establishment.

Bowling Alleys Could Reopen

They had to make many changes to make it COVID-19 safe for everyone including new filters that were not cheap. They kept their heads up and kept going forward. In August 2020, Governor Cuomo allowed bowling alleys to open back up.

A curfew was put in place that still made it difficult for them but not impossible. More good news came their way, earlier this month when they found out that the 11 p.m. curfew that had been in place, will be lifted beginning  April 5th.

I want to say a big "thank you" to Ripics Carousel Lanes for holding a bowling fundraiser for a friend of mine, Ed Leonard. He continues to recover from his stroke and they raised over $3,000 for him and his family on a day that was filled with love and hope.

94-Year-Old Woman Knocks em Down

On Monday, March 15th, Marie Kolb rolled an incredible 221 game and a 500 series at Ripics Carousel Lanes. What makes it remarkable is that she averages 118 in her Hogg & Cannon Memorial League.

What makes it special is that she is 94 years young. Great job Marie, everyone is proud of you for your remarkable achievement.

Good luck to Jeff and Beckie as they continue to bring joy to people in our area and keep up the good work. We know it wasn't easy.

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