Remember when we were young and outside playing? When we got thirsty, we would just grab the water hose attached to the side of the house and slurp away. My how times have changed. Today we grab a plastic bottle filled with water or tap water run through a filter.

We wouldn't dream of drinking water that wasn't run through a treatment system. Unfortunately there are people that know that as well and want to take advantage of you.

That's why Binghamton officials say they've been getting complaints from residents about costly water treatment systems and the high pressure scare tactics that they are using.

Businesses are trying to convince residents their drinking water isn't safe. Mayor Richard David said the city's water quality is excellent and that senior citizens are especially vulnerable to scams from people trying to make money selling treatment equipment.

It is suggested that you ask for proof that the business has valid permits and is licensed for the work. You can always get a free inspection from the city water department. If you would like to schedule an inspection can (607) 772-7210.

To check out the latest Binghamton Water Quality report, go here.

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