The Delaware County Sheriffs Office is advising the community to be aware of Grandparent scams.

The holiday season is here, and the joy of giving is on our minds, however this is also the time of year when scams are in full force, praying on the elderly, with something that is known as a Grandparent scam.

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According to a news release from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, the Grandparent scam is when an elderly grandparent receives a call from someone claiming to be a distant grandchild who creates a story that they have been arrested and needs some money sent to them immediately.

The person usually request money be sent through Western Union, a gift card, a debit card, and sometime requests checking, and savings account information.

If you receive this type of call, do not fall for this scam, hang up right away, and report it to the authorities.

People, have lost thousands of dollars to these types of scammers.

According to the News release, warning signs include a late night call, scammers believe elderly people can get confuse late at night, and a person claiming to be your grandchild asking for money right away. Never volunteer any information.

To Report a suspected scam, CLICK HERE or call 877-382-4357

Set privacy settings on your social media accounts (if you’re not sure ask a trusted relative or friend to help you)

Ask the caller a few questions that only your grandchild would know (first pet, some life events you shared, etc.)

Don’t fall for their urgent requests, scammers are relying on you to be sympathetic, as they prepare to steal your money.

If you sent money to a suspected scammer via Western Union, call the company’s fraud hotline (800-448-1492) as soon as possible. for MoneyGram (800-926-9400). If the transfer has not yet been paid, Western Union or MoneyGram may be able to stop the transaction and refund your money.

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