Skittles are a classic treat. They are great for Halloween, can provide a boost of energy, even can be infused into vodka. But we’ve all been living a lie.

When I taste the purple skittle, I taste grape. The green one is lime and the yellow is lemon. Right?


For 26.5 years I have been living a lie. Apparently, Skittle are just scented the flavor they are. So the purple only smells like grape etc. etc. ONLY SMELL?!

Skittles makes all their different colored candies the same flavor because it is cost efficient. Its cheaper to make Skittles all one flavor instead of various flavors.

It gets even crazier.

Our brains trick us into believing we are eating something specifically flavored because of flavor. So when we see a yellow flavored candy, our brain automatically assumes its lemon in flavor. The added scent from the Skittles aids our brain even more. It’s a perfect combination.

Let’s be clear, I am not mad at Skittles. I’m going to continue to eat them. I just want a little more transparency (and maybe free candy).

[via Bro Bible]


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